If you have questions about the Iowa Medicaid Preferred Drug List (PDL) that are not presently addressed on this website, for the quickest response, send an e-mail to info@iowamedicaidpdl.com.
Public comments may also be submitted to info@iowamedicaidpdl.com. All public comment submissions to this email address become public documents. Comments are posted on the website with hard copies of the comments presented to the P&T Committee members at each meeting. No response will be provided to the submitted public comment.

Contact Information

Drug Dossiers Iowa Medicaid info@iowamedicaidpdl.com Mailing address below
Policy Abby Cate acate@dhs.state.ia.us 515-639-6269
Preferred Drug List Iowa Medicaid info@iowamedicaidpdl.com 515-974-3126
Public Comment Iowa Medicaid info@iowamedicaidpdl.com 515-974-3126
Public Comment Sign-Up Iowa Medicaid info@iowamedicaidpdl.com See link on left
Rebates Shari Martin PBA_iarebate@changehealthcare.com See link on left
SSDC-Supplemental Rebates Shari Martin PBA_rxoffers@changehealthcare.com See link on left
340B Billing Iowa Medicaid Provider Services IMEProviderServices@dhs.state.ia.us 1-800-338-7909

Other Contacts

J-Code Reimbursement Questions pcapricinginquiry@dhs.state.ia.us
Member Services 1-800-338-8366 515-256-4606 (local)
Pharmacy PA Helpdesk 1-877-776-1567 515-256-4607 (local)
POS Helpdesk 1-877-463-7671 515-256-4608 (local)
Prior Authorization FAX 1-800-574-2515
Physician Administered Drug Information/Questions IMEPAM@dhs.state.ia.us
Provider Services 1-800-338-7909 515-256-4609 (local)

Mailing Address

Iowa Medicaid
Attn: Pharmacy Services
1305 East Walnut Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50319-0114

PDL New Drug Process

File Description Date
PDL New Drug Process 9.36 KB 2007/04/18

Policy for Review of Drug Status

File Description Date
Policy for Review of Drug Status 15.06 KB 2007/11/09