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Guidelines for Providing Public Comment to the Iowa Medicaid Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee

Meetings are open to the public. It is the intention of the State of Iowa that those interested in speaking be allowed to do so in the public forum. To assure public input into the Preferred Drug List (PDL) process, the agenda for the P&T Committee will be posted on the website ( prior to the meeting and public comment can be submitted to that website. A sign-up sheet for walk-ins will be available at the door. Walk-in speakers will have their opportunity to speak in the order of sign-in after the scheduled speakers are finished.

In order to accommodate all interested parties, all speakers are requested to limit their comments to 5 minutes or less. If you represent a drug manufacturer as an employee, as a contractor, as a member of the manufacturer's Speaker Bureau, or by any other means, we expect you to cover your individual product or entire product line in that five-minute time frame. Speakers who represent multiple manufacturers will share their 5 minutes with the other manufacturer representative(s) whose product they are speaking on. Multiple representatives from a single organization will also be required to share the 5 minutes.

The P&T Committee is interested in clinical information that may set a product apart from other products in the same PDL category. The Committee is not interested in materials intended to market a product or repetitive comments from solicited sources. We request that if a manufacturer has a concise synopsis (one side of one page) of its product and the clinical advantages of its product in comparison to other products in its PDL category, this information be forwarded via the website ( so that information can be distributed to the committee members.

Any data that are to be referenced during the Public Comment period should be limited to published, peer reviewed literature only. “Data on file” and “articles submitted for review” are not considered published, peer reviewed literature and should not be referenced during public testimony. All referenced data that is to be presented should be submitted to the Pharmaceutical and Therapeutics (P&T) professional staff electronically to AT LEAST ONE WEEK PRIOR TO THE MEETING DATE for consideration and distribution to the P&T Committee members. Data not provided in advance of the meeting may not be discussed during the public comment period.

All inquiries related to this process are to be funneled through this website. Thank you for your cooperation.


  1. Submit written comments or sign up to speak in advance at No response will be provided to the submitted public comment.
  2. May provide a concise synopsis of the product (one side of one page) and submit to The speaker must provide documents longer than one page to the Committee members, copies will not be provided.
  3. Provide any data to be referenced during public comment to at least one week in advance.
  4. Speakers must provide the Committee with the name of their organization, the speaker's relationship to the organization and topic area.
  5. Limit speaking time to less than five minutes for their individual product or entire product line.
  6. Direct comments toward how this product is clinically superior or the specific advantage(s) it offers, new evidence/research results or synergistic outcomes that have been demonstrated.
  7. Audiovisual equipment is not allowed due to time constraints.
  8. Please read and complete the conflict of interest disclosure (click to view) and provide prior to the meeting to Speakers who turn in their conflict of interest disclosure form after the start of the meeting may have their request to speak denied.

To sign up for public comment for the P&T Meeting, please email and include:

  1. Contact Name
  2. Telephone Number
  3. Email Address
  4. Drug Name
  5. Name of Organization
  6. Speaker’s Name
  7. Speaker’s relationship to organization and topic area